• Once mentees and mentors have been selected and paired, matches are officially locked in place.  Once locked, requests for revisions will only be considered in extreme circumstances.

  • If an issue related to professionalism arises the mentor or mentee must meet with a program coordinator to address the situation and, if necessary, complete additional training.

  • Program coordinators reserve the right to terminate matches as necessary.  Once a match is terminated, the mentor and mentee are officially removed from the program.  Termination will impact consideration for acceptance in the program during subsequent cycles.  Situations that will result in termination from the program include:

-Failure to respond to your mentor, mentee, or program coordinator after 3 consecutive communication attempts

-Continued demonstration of unprofessional behavior or communication after attempts have been made to address said behavior.

  • Serving as a mentor (or supervisor for internships and similar experiences) requires a significant commitment in energy and time from all involved - especially the professional who is sharing knowledge.  As a result, mentors must have participated in the mentoring program for one semester before they can request additional mentees. This ensures that mentors have clear expectations of the commitment required to actively participate in this specific program and the mentoring process as a whole.

  • Participants are asked to complete program assessments each term. Feedback is important to the future development of the program. As a result, failure to complete assessments may impact future participation in the program.