• Engage alumni of Georgia Southern University (and legacy Armstrong State alumni) through activities that do not require monetary donations but instead focus on a drive to enhance career and professional development of students.

  • Connect students with individuals in desired careers to enhance students’ understanding of academic programs and career options.

  • Enhance collaborative partnerships between Alumni Relations, Career and Professional Development, and university faculty.


Welcome to the Eagle Mentoring Program! Formerly the Alumni Mentoring Program we are happy to announce that we are moving into our 3rd year under a new name and with a web-based platform powered by Xinspire.  This platform will allow for an enhanced streamlined experience starting with the initial program application/match process, continuing with your individual mentoring experiences, and culminating with the final program evaluation.  

The fact that you are here means you are ready to have a life changing experience. Whether you are a Georgia Southern student or alumni, mentoring will provide you with unique experiences.  Students will obtain knowledge from career professionals about various career paths and industry trends . Mentors will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on currently enrolled students while also acquiring  new insights from students with  current knowledge and skills related to new technologies and trends in their future fields. Individuals interested in participating in our new and improved mentoring program are invited to create an account today!

 Contact Crystal Goode or Tajae Francis via email -